So coming into season 5, people assumed that despite Daniel's explanation of "Whatever Happened, Happened" (WHH) many Fans of the show thought "Maybe they're changing the past, without them even knowing it!" OR "They will each need to find a constant to stop their sickness or nose bleeds." I believe they all thought this because ONLY Desmond did in both season 3 and season 4. Surprisingly enough I still found this among the discussion boards. Here is my explanation for each one, and i would love to here your comments:

Time Travel - You can only change the future, if you know Exactly what went down. EXAMPLE - None of the Losties (Sawyer, Juliet, etc.) knew that they were part of the Dharma Initiative (DI) nor did they know they were part of this Incident, 30 years earlier. With that said, How would they know how to change the past, if they didnt even know what the original one was. When Sayid shot little Ben, a lot of you said, that the universe was "Course-correcting" - as stated in 308 - Flashes Before Your Eyes. From my understanding of this, Course-Correcting means to make sure what happens STAYS happened. When Desmond met Eloise Hawking in 308, He knew the future, he knew how it was gonna go down, so he changed it (literally) change the future. Thus the universe course-corrected it. I am assuming Eloise knew the future too since she knew the man with the red shoes was going to die. You can only change the future of you know the original one, with this being said, How would Sayid know that him shooting Ben wasnt already the original? How can the universe course-correct something that hasnt been changed?

SO in conclusion, Course-correcting only works if one knows the future and ultimately changes it, neither of ALL the Losties in 1977 knew what the future was - Faraday said "I THINK" - That was alot of me what you think.

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