Episode One - With the help of other survivors, Jack begins to treat the injured and attempts to find the cockpit of the plane in the hope of contacting civilization.

Episode Two - A group of survivors attempt to broadcast a distress signal for help, while Jack tries to save a man who has been impaled by a piece of shrapnel from the plane.

Episode Three - Tensions begin to rise among the signal party as they return from the mountains. At the beach, Jack becomes increasingly suspicious of Kate, the fugitive the marshal was escorting back to America.

Episode Four - As food supplies run low, John Locke emerges as the hunter after the survivors learn there are wild boars near camp. Meanwhile, the survivors realize that they must somehow get rid of the rotting bodies from the fuselage.

Episode Five - The survivors begin to struggle as they realize they are running out of fresh water. Meanwhile, Jack continues to see his dead father's figure on the Island.

Episode Six - Jack proposes that everyone move to the caves, though some argue that this would be giving up on possible rescue.

Episode Seven - Trekking around the Island, Sayid finds himself the prisoner of a mysterious woman who apparently lives on the Island.

Episode Eight - After experiencing terrifying nightmares two days in a row, Claire begins to think that someone is trying to hurt her baby. In response, Hurley decides to start a census of all the survivors.

Episode Nine - With the revelation that Ethan was never on the plane, the survivors rush to find the missing Claire and Charlie, whom they realize have been taken. Michael decides to construct a raft

Episode Ten - When Hurley sees the Numbers on Rousseau's maps and notes, he remembers them from his past, prompting him to head into the jungle after the French woman.

Episode Eleven - After a mysterious dream, Locke sets out with Boone to find a crashed Beechcraft, in the hope it will lead him further on his quest to open the hatch.

Episode Twelve - As Boone's condition worsens, Jack struggles to try to save his life. Elsewhere, Claire enters labor, but without Jack, Charlie and Kate are forced into a role they had not prepared themselves for.

Episode Thirteen - The happiness of Claire's return is short-lived as the survivors realize that she is suffering from amnesia. Ethan returns to the Survivors' camps, demanding that he get Claire back or he will kill the rest of the group, one by one.

Episode Fourteen - Rousseau arrives at the camp with the warning that the Others are coming, meaning that everyone is in danger. To protect the group, Rousseau leads Jack and a team of survivors to the Black Rock, where there is dynamite. Jack hopes that with it they can blow open the Hatch door, and hide inside until the threat passes. Back at the camp, the survivors prepare the raft for launching.

Episode Fifteen & Sixteen - With the dynamite retrieved, the team faces the task of bringing the volatile substance back across the Island to the Hatch. Meanwhile, Charlie and Sayid set off to rescue Aaron after Danielle kidnaps the child from Claire.

The wording is from Lostpedia :)

Its not in detail but this is the jist of it. What do you think?

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