I am going to do a poll for the greatest Lost cliff hanger. Theres gonna be eight cliffhangers in each post and you all can vote amongst yourselves.

1. Pilot (Part 1)- the pilot in the tree after he was killed by the monster.

2. Pilot (Part 2) - The group of six manage to get a bar on their radio only to find out that a french women has been stuck on an island for sixteen years, meaning Rescue is pointless.

3. Tabula Rasa - Kind of gives the Audience the mood of Lost. Tells us That there is more to lost than just teh monsters. Think about this one.

4. Walkabout - John Locke was in a wheel chair before landing on the island, now he can walk?

5. White Rabbit - Jack's dad is learned to be dead and was flying him back home when the plane crash. His dad is missing from his coffin when found!

6. House of the rising sun - Sun can speak english

7. The Moth - Sayid is hit across the head by mysterious someone after gettign a signal on the radio.

8. Confidence Man - We Learn Sawyer's Horrible past, when we find out it was he who wrote the letter after teh original Sawyer killed his parents.

My vote goes to #8 because it just totally changed our perspective of Sawyer and that whole episode was just so beautiful.

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