Continuing on... Congrats to "I do" for winning the last poll.

  1. 308 - Flashes Before Your Eyes - Desmond tells Charlie that he can see Charlie's death and that he can't stop it forever. He's sorry, He's sorry because... No matter what he tries Charlie's gonna die...
  2. 309 - Stranger in a Strange Land - Jack and Ben are ferried out. Sawyer and Kate walk with torches; Sawyer looks sad. Karl, alone at a campfire, looks to the night sky. The camera tracks across the sky and ends with Alex looking up. Jack and Juliet on the boat share a glance. (from Lostpedia transcript)
  3. 310 - Tricia Tanaka is Dead - Kate tells Danielle that she saw her 16 year old daughter, the one who helped them escape...
  4. 311 - Enter 77 - Sayid takes Mikhail hostage as John presses 77 to blow up the flame station. Sayid sees a familiar cat...
  5. 312 - Par Avion - Jack and Tom are seen playing football like old friends...Jack friends with the enemy?
  6. 313 - The Man from Tallahassee - Locke is shown what came out of the box, and it looks like its his dad!!! he can't get awya from him!
  7. 314 - Expose - Paulo and Nikki are buried alive after they thought they were already dead! WOW! what a way to go..

my vote has to go with 308. I started watching Lost after its 13-week hatius, and it was this cliffhanger that got me hooked to tv Lost.

Happy voting!

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