last poll (7) was the last six winners of the previous polls, call it round 2. The winner was 122 Exodus.

Poll for best Lost cliffhanger continuing on with Season 3, PICK YOUR VOTE:

  1. 301 - A Tale of Two Cities - Juliet reveals to the audience that Henry's real name is Ben and Leader of the Others.
  2. 302 - The Glass Ballerina - Ben tells Jack what has happened in the real world during his time on the island (Red sox winning the Series) and tells him if he listens to him, he will take him home.
  3. 303 - Further Instructions - Hurley hints that he thinks Desmond can see the Future, and ends with Desmond looking out at the sea.
  4. 304 - Every Man for Himself - Ben shows Sawyer that tehy are on a differen't island then the one he has lived on for two months, ensuring that he is not going to escape.
  5. 305 - The Cost of Living - after they find Eko half dead, Eko whispers in John's ear "we're next"
  6. 306 - I Do - Right before Sawyer almost gets gunned down by Pickett, Jack tells Kate that tehy have an hour to escape before they come after them. Kate says they can't, but Jack insists: "KATE DAMMIT RUN!" Leaving Ben's life in Jack's hand.
  7. 307 - Not in Portland - Juliet tells Jack that she has been on this island for 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. She said they helped them escape becuase Ben said he would FINALLY let them go home; hinting that she is being held against her will...

hard choice, but my vote, ultimately has to go with 306 I Do.

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