Poll for Best Lost Cliffhanger Poll 7

  1. 104 - Walkabout - We find out Locke is in a wheelchair.
  2. 110 - Raised by Another - Claire and Charlie get kidnapped after finding out Ethan wasnt on the plane.
  3. 122 - Exodus - Walt gets kidnapped by the Otehrs and JAck and Locke were able to blow up the Hatch.
  4. 206 - Abandoned - Shannon dies at the hands of Ana Lucia.
  5. 216 - The Whole Truth - Henry tells the lie that he set the trapup to ambush Sayid and co.
  6. 220 - Two for the Road - after being gone for two weeks, he shoots Ana and Libby.

my Vote goes to Exodus.

These are the winners from the past polls :)

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