Winner of Last Poll - The Whole Truth

  1. 217 - Lockdown - Sayid an dco. come back from their trek and showed teh fake henry gale (Ben) the real Henry gale's driver liscense, proving Henry is an Other.
  2. 218 - Dave - Libby is seen being in the same mental institution as Hurley at the same time, despite not recognizing eachother on the island.
  3. 219 - S.O.S. - Jack and Kate find Michael in the middle of the jungle after being gone for two weeks.
  4. 220 - Two for the Road - Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby to death and frees Henry before shooting himself in the arm.
  5. 221 - ? - Libby dies, and we are left with a seen of the guilt on Michael's face.
  6. 222 - Three Minutes - At the funeral of the two losties, Sun finds a boat off shore.
  7. 223 - Live Together, Die Alone - After teh Hatch implodes, it created a loud noise and caused the sky turned purple. With this, Two sailors anchored in the Artic are able to see the island and call Penny Widmore "I think we Found it"

Vote goes to "Two for the Road" - Don't even need to explain.

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