Through the Looking Glass was the last winner, and onto season 4.

  1. 401. The Beginning of the End - Jack and Kate find a mysterious parachuter in which, after he takes the helmet off, says "Are you Jack?"
  2. 402. Confirmed - After Ben tells his group that the freighter want him, he tells them they have a man on their boat.
  3. 403. The Economist - through a flashfoward, we learn that Sayid is going to kill people for Ben who are apparently on a list...
  4. 404. Eggtown - Kate is revealed to have a son, suspected to be Sawyer, only for the child to be Aaron... Where's Claire!
  5. 405. The Constant - Daniel is flipping through his book to find the words "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant"
  6. 406. The Other Women - Ben walks through the yard of the barracks revealing to the group that he has earned John's trust...

Question: In the Constant's cliffhanger: ""If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant", was this because Faraday forgot that he wrote it eight years earlier? is that why it was such a shock to the viewers? becuase we didn't his memory was burned?

My vote has to go to "The Constant". if the answer to my question WAS becuase he simply just forgot that he wrote it than this isn't that big of a cliffhanger, but back then i pissed my pants!

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