Poll for Best Lost Cliffhanger Poll 10

The Man from Tallahassee wonthe last poll. Continuing on:

  1. 315. Left Behind - Jack informs Kate and Sayid that Juliet is coming with them, becuase they left her behind too.
  2. 316. One of Us - In a flashback we learn that Ben purposely left Juliet behind to go back with the Survivors to infiltrate them.
  3. 317. Catch-22 - Desmond goes in the Jungle to find a women who jumped out of a helicopter believeing it would be penny, only to find out, its someone we've never sen before...
  4. 318. D.O.C. - "No. No, Flight 815 they, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." - Naomi
  5. 319. The Brig - Locke is seen walking away carrying Cooper's dead body.
  6. 320. The Man Behind the Curtain - Ben shoots John into the Dharma pit and him to die.
  7. 321. Greatest Hits - Charlie is seen swimming into the Looking GLass only to be found by two strange women...
  8. 322. Through the Looking Glass - Jack and Kate are seen talking at an airport and we realize that they are off the island only for Jack saying "We have to go Back!"

Although I was close 318, I have to say 322. Just wow!

p.s. Season 4 got us all hyped up because of this finale and it SUCKED. Don't get me wrong i still loved the season, it was just not what i thought it would be.

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