Poll 1 - Walkabout Poll 2 - Raised by Another Poll 3 - Exodus Poll 4 - Abandoned

  1. 1. 209 - What Kate Did - Michael is talking to someone on the hatch computer ending with the computer saying "Dad?"
  2. 2. 210 - The 32rd Psalm - Charlie is seen holding a stash of the virgin mary statues filled with heroin.
  3. 3. 211 - The Hunting Party - Jack asks Ana "How long do you think it would take to train an army?"
  4. 4. 212 - Fire + Water - Charlie is sitting on the beach and Eko babtizes Claire and Aaron.
  5. 5. 213 - The Long Con - Sawyer cond his true love and ends with telling Charlie: "I'm not a good person, Charlie. Never did a good thing in my life."
  6. 6. 214 - One of Them - After tehy caught an Other, Sayid tells Charlie how he knew he was One of them, He felt no guilt. He asked him if he had forgotten what the Others had did to them?
  7. 7. 215 - Maternity Leave - Henry is seen smiling after Locke bashes the dishes on the ground out of frustration of realizing that he lets Jack make all the decisions.
  8. 8. 216 - The Whole Truth - Henry tells Jack and Locke what he would do if he was an Other. He decibed the events of drawing a map to a secluded area and ambushing them to trade them for Henry. Hard to explain the drama of this scene, but its powerful.

Vote goes to 216 - The Whole Truth. He pretty much just said what all the viewers were thinking when he drew that map, only they put it on screen. great writers, wow.

Happy voting!

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