This is what I think about the whole “whatever Happened, Happened” and here is my proof. I hope everyone agrees that the Lost Showrunners knew the WHOLE story after the pilot ended and JJ Abhrams left the show. With this said, I think The Creators (Damon and Carlton) are putting the show in pieces, at least that’s what they intended. Let me go deeper. Season 1 – Survivors Season 2 – Hatch, Tailies, Others Season 3 – Others Season 4 – Freighter people Season 5 – Dharma Now I think they lost it in Season 4 when the Writer’s strike happened. They had to cut a lot of stuff out. Daniel and Charlotte weren’t suppose to be for the whole season of 4. They were on holding contracts. They had to cut out their centric episodes, and Miles, and move them up to season 5. How do I know this? Where was Daniel and Charlotte in season 5? No where! Where was Daniel? He just left. JUST LEFT? Came back for one episode and just died? Charlotte was also the only one killed by the mysterious nosebleeds? I don’t know about you, but I am putting the pieces together and saying this was a little bit rushed, don’t you think? And I know what your thinking, What about the whole Daniel saying “Whatever Happened, Happened” Theory? That’s where I come in with this solution. They had to put Daniel in something, that was his part in Season 5. So knowing that this was put together at the last minute, what about the Whatever happened happened theory? That was said by Daniel Faraday? Well here is my explanation: The Sawyer group knew they were in the past. They said, sure why not start a new life with the DI. Oceanic Six come in. They say “hey, lets change the past!” So while they are changing the past, without Daniel saying that they can’t change anything, they will do all their stuff: Shooting Ben, Kate Saving Ben, Jack not saving ben, the H bomb. They will realize that they can’t change anything in Season 6 and discover that all that just caused what will happen to them in the future. Besides there are clues: “We create our own suffering” as seen in “Not in Portland”. And if you think about, Lost is all about suffering, so this fits. THEY CHANGED NOTHING.

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