506 - 316 and 516 - The Incident were the Season 5 Winners.

For those of you who don't know, Exodus was voted the best cliffhanger of Lost for Seasons one and two. This poll is going to decide which is the best cliffhangers for seasons 3, 4 and 5.

  1. 306 - I Do - Sawyer almost gets gunned down by Pickett, Jack tells Kate that they have an hour to escape before they come after them. "KATE DAMMIT RUN!"
  1. 313 - The Man from Tallahassee - Locke is shown what came out of the box, and it looks like its his dad!!! he can't get away from him!
  1. 322 - Through the Looking Glass - Jack and Kate are seen talking at an airport and we realize that they are off the island only for Jack saying "We have to go Back!"
  1. 404 - Eggtown - Kate is revealed to have a son, suspected to be Sawyer, only for the child to be Aaron... Where's Claire!
  1. 412 - There's No Place Like Home - Jack and Ben talk. Ben tells him, that teh island won't let you come alone and that all of you have to go back. "Jack... I said all of you. We're gonna have to bring him, too" showing that this Jeremy Bentham is John Locke.
  1. 506 - 316 - Jack and co. manage to get back on the island with Jin wearing a dharma outfit???
  1. 516 - The Incident - Jacob is killed by Ben and Juliet blows up Jughead ending the season in a white flash...

The winner of this poll will then go against Exodus on a one on one poll to decide the best cliffhanger of lost.

My vote has to go to 322, Through the Looking Glass, I was just so shocked, you can't beat this cliffhanger...

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