so by anonymous, the winner of last poll is #4 Walkabout. Hooray! Congrats!

continuing on, remembering this the best Lost cliffhanger. I am just trying to narrow it down by episode.

  1. 9 - Solitary - Sayid hears whispers for the first time.
  2. 10 - Raised by Another - Ethan kidnaps Charlie and Claire after Hurley tells Jack that he wasnt on the plane.
  3. 11 - All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues - Locke and Boone find the hatch.
  4. 12 - Whatever the Case May be - Kate has a mysterious plane that she spent all day trying to get.
  5. 13 - Hearts and Minds - Boone realizes that Shannon is still alive and was relieved to find her dead.
  6. 14 - Special - they find the missing Claire!
  7. 15 - Homecoming - Charlie shot Ethan and CLaire thanks him for protecting her and htat she remembers Peanut Butter.
  8. 16 - Outlaws - Sawyer realizes hat Jack is Christian's son, who persuaded him to kill an innocent man.

Vote goes to Special, #14. Just jaw dropping. Runs through the jungle all scared. We just assume: "wow she just been through hell!"

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