Did you guys ever think about why they skip a week in airing Lost? Obviously they work in all tv shows I think this is more common in Lost. when they air Lost on Television, they air one episode each week. some weeks they have no episodes. sure there is a reason in this, but maybe this is telling us that teh show is taking a new route. Let me go through Season 1:

Pilot Part I all the way through Solitary aired consecutively. no breaks, aired each week for nine weeks. What happened in these episodes? Purley just character development, aside from the pilot the only big that happened here is the Solitary Episode where Sayid meets Rousseau.

They tehn skipped a week. We then saw Raised by Another. Obviously this where the season took a turn. Claire got kidnapped, there are other people on the island, Ethan was infiltrating them. There is no question that this is a turning point for Lost. The following week tehy continued exactly where we left off with "All the best cowboys have daddy issues". which is jack and locke trying to find claire, only to find Charlie and teh Hatch. With teh hatch, this another defining episode. After showing two great episodes, what do they do? They take a four week break!

They return with showing "whatever the case may be" a very weak episode. they slowed down, away from teh drama. Story is taking a new turn. next two episodes, they show "Hearts and minds" and "Special" Both weak episodes again. With Special ending with Locke finding Claire... Gee, after three weak episodes, we now can see things are about to heat up again, waht do tehy do? Take TWO WEEKS OFF! Anyone else seeing a pattern?

They come back with Homecoming, which ends with Ethan and Claire found. Resolves the other storyd:Raised by another and atbcbhi. tehy then show Outlaws, ...In translation, Numbers consectutively. So they come back, resolve a storyline, and show three more semi-powerful episodes. They takes another three week break!

They then comeback with two VERY powerful episodes: Deus Ex Machina and Do No Harm. Now what? Another 4 week break. What happens next? Things slowdown again with The greater good, born to run, and end the season with the finales.

So, seperating by the breaks, this how the writers broke up Season 1: 1.The Beginning (1-9), 2. Claire kidnapped (10-11), 3. Post-Claire (12-14), 4. Claire is found (15-18), 5. Boone's death (19-20) and 6. teh finale (21-25) Anyone else see the pattern? I checked all the other seasons and it goes pretty much the same way as far as when they take their breaks. NOT SURE WITH SEASON 4 THOUGH! it still kinda works.

Anyone's thoughtS?

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