Eggtown and There's No Place Like Home are the Season 4 winners! onto Season 5...

I am doing this differently to speed things up, i am gonna post two "matches" and if you want to vote, vote for the one you think is the best cliffhanger in each group. I will do an example.

Group One:

  1. 501. Because You Left - Desmond is awoken when he has a memory of three years earlier of Faraday telling him he has to go find his mother.
  2. 502. The Lie - Ben meets Eloise Hawking, who tells him that he has only 70 hours left to get O6 back to the island or "God help us all"
  3. 503. Jughead - Charlotte passes out after a series of nosebleeds.
  4. 504. The Little Prince - Jin, who we all thought was dead, is rescued at sea by a 16 year younger Rousseau...
  5. 505. This Place is Death - Ben manages to bring Jack and Sun, along with Desmond, to Eloise "Let's get started"
  6. 506. 316 - Jack and co. manage to get back on the island with Jin wearing a dharma outfit???
  7. 507. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Caesar shows Locke the injured people, including Ben..."He's the man who killed me"
  8. 508. LaFleur - Sawyers meets up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley, meeting for the first time in three years...He still loves Freckles!

Group Two:

  1. 509. Namaste - Little Ben gives Sayid a sandwich...
  2. 510. He's Our You - Sayid shoots Little BEN!!!
  3. 511. Whatever Happened, Happened - Ben wakes up with Locke staring him down "Welcome back to the land of the living"
  4. 512. Dead is Dead - Ben is spared by the monster after being judged "He let me live"
  5. 513. Some Like it Hoth - Daniel returns after being gone for several episodes.
  6. 514. The Variable - Faraday is shot by his own mother!
  7. 515. Follow the Leader - Locke's motives for finding Jacob are revealed "So i can kill him"
  8. 516. The Incident - Jacob is killed by Ben and Juliet blows up Jughead ending the season in a white flash...

Group One - 506 Group Two - 516

Happy voting!

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