Lost Poll 4

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Poll 1 - Walkabout Poll 2 - Raised by Another Poll 3 - Exodus

Poll for Best Lost CLiffhanger.

  1. 201 - Man of Science, Man of Faith - Jack sees Desmond and we recognize its the guy from the stadium.
  2. 202 - Adrift - Sawyer and co. are attacked by the mysterious Others...
  3. 203 - Orientation - Jack agrees to press the button and John does the first shift...
  4. 204 - Everybody Hates Hugo - Bernard speaks to Michael and we learn he is Rose's husband...
  5. 205 - ...And Found - in a flashback we see Jin and Sun meet for the first time...
  6. 206 - Abandoned - Shannon is shot by Ana Lucis after being haunted by the others for two months.
  7. 207 - The Other 48 days - Shannon is shot, but we are now look at tit from the Tallies POV which is very disturbing...
  8. 208 - Collision - Jack and Ana stare down at eachother realizing what they are up against and remebering back at the airport...can't really explain this one to good...

My vote goes to Adrift - Why were the Others attacking them now? instead of at the boat? i know this hasd been answered but what was going on in my mind.

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