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For those of you don't know. This is a poll for best Lost cliffhanger, and we are narrowing down the field episode by episode.

  1. 1. #17. ...In Translation - Jin befriends Michael and helps build the raft.
  2. 2. #18. Numbers - Hurley tells Charlie that he won the lottery only to be taken as a joke by Charlie.
  3. 3. #19. Deus Ex Machina - Locke is banging on the Hatch when a light goes on...
  4. 4. #20. Do No Harm - Boone has Died, Claire has the baby, and Jack goes to find Locke to find revenge...
  5. 5. #21. The Greater Good - Sayid insists on Locke to show him the hatch and to tell no more lies.
  6. 6. #22. Born to Run - We learn that it was Kate who poisened Michael to try and get her spot on the raft, she really wanted that spot...
  7. 7. #23. Exodus - Walt gets kidnapped by the mysterious others and the raft gets destroyed. After traveleing for dynamite, they blow open the hatch.
                Jack and Locke look down the long dark tunnel ofthe mysterious hatch which anything could be inside of it.

I decided to make Exodus just the one cliffhanger instead of all three, since it was all leading up to that point.

My vote goes to Exodus obviously. Pissing my pants when they took Walt.

when you vote, please state the episode number listed here, or the episode name. Thanks!

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