I read an article dated about three years back in 2007, and it said that the writers signed a deal to end Lost in three seasons (three years) each season having 16 episodes each. (we all know WGA shortened S4 by 2-3 episodes, making S5 and S6 each with 17) this makes a total of 48 episodes (49 since S6 added an extra hour recently) for the last three seasons.

Anyways in the article Damon and Carlton said they were going to end the series ORIGINALLY in five seasons, roughly in a 100 episodes total. So knowing Lost, each season has its own topic the show directs:

S1 - Survivors S2 - Hatch, Taillies, Slight Others S3 - Others S4 - Oceanic Six, Freighter S5 - Time Travel, Dharma Initiative. S6 - ?

Knowing now that they were going to originally do five seasons and following the system; doesn't this mean that they added an extra season??? thus another topic? or does this mean they split an original season in two? does this mean S5 is going to have similarities in Season 6 or does Season 5 have similarities with S4?

I am just so confused as to how they separated the seasons when they agreed to this three year deal and adding a whole another season (16-18 more episodes than they planned) and what does this mean for the show?

This is the article I read:

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