All season long, weren't we all saying Jacob is Aaron, Jack, Vincent, Chirstian, Just a name to be used as a controlling device.

Now that we got our answer, who did he turn out to be? Jacob.

Not Jack. Not Aaron.


now that season 5 finale showed the Nemesis wanting to kill Jacob, whether for good reassons or for bad, we look at the evidence of past episodes of who this person could be. Well we already saw his face, so he can't be a past character... WAIT The smoke monster was seen being able to morph into dead people a couple of episodes, hence why he looks like Locke! He has to be the smoke monster! Done, new question to theorize.

Lost fans on teh net, you dissappoint. Haven't we been fans of the show long enough to realize the answer is not that simple...

The writers are doing this on purpose on us...

Writers: "Well, before we show em that Locke is really the nemesis, lets hint in a couple episodes earlier that the monster can morph into dead people!" "Yeah, that way they can keep looking at that direction, theorize about him, convince themselves that he is the smoke monster, then throw em off by showing he was bla bala all along"

I think you understand now of whta i am trying to say.

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