Damon and Carlton said (can't find the source, but i hope everyone already knows this) that they are answering only the important question that relate to the big picture of the show that is Lost. One of the main questions that is being cut is Libby's backstory which has already been answered.

My question is why are questions like "who are Adam and Eve in the cave?" bigger than Libbys backstory.

I heard that they arn't answering the "Whispers" question? They haven't been around lately (were they in DEAD IS DEAD?) so maybe these fit in the category of not related to the big picture. lets hope not!

I kind of just want to know what questions are being answerexd and waht is not?

The writers said that the last thing they want to do is leave the audience unfulfilled whe the show ends. They don't want to leave us with any big questions, but i have my doubts. I don't think the writer's are that stupid to mess up five years of a great story just to mess it all up in the final season.

Can anyone contribute on what they think?

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