i posted this as a repsonse to another blog, but i feel that it deserves its own place...

i honestly believe that we haven't seen why the island sunk..

ben is alive as a teacher now. however, he was on the island in 77. to me, this implies that incident was simply the time travelers being sent back to 2007.

i think when we come to the end of season 6, jack's going to have a decision to make, possibly ending the time loop on the island... when he makes that decision, he's going to get a cut on his neck after something crazy happens... and then everyone is going to be on the plane in 2004 again without any memories...

i think this alternate time line we are watching is simply the resolution to the show, after jack fixes things (probably by not taking over as jacob's replacement)... which makes sense as to why it may seem a little lackluster to some people... it's simply the end of the story, things winding down.

anyhow, whatever jack does then, will cause the island to sink, where it will remain for all preceding timelines or alternate universes...

comments? criticisms?

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