reacting to the reaction of "across the sea" and they seemed rather resigned... their general tone was as if they knew that they got in way over their heads, and instead of scaling back so they can resolved what they already started, decided just to keep on doing what they were doing.

they brought up the outrigger shooting as well... they didn't specifically say that they'd never answer it but they did say that they had an answer and could have filmed it for a previous episode, however they didn't want to merely "pay service to closing up a loop" and wanted to focus on what the characters were up to... the interviewer acknowledged that a lot of fans were more interested in the mysteries than the characters at this point and both of the producers pretty much just shrugged it off.

now, i get the position they are in. it's damn if they do, damn if they don't. there's no way they can please everybody or wrap up all the dangling subplots at this point. i don't blame them for that.

however, the thing that put me off about this interview is that they seemed to lack the ambition (or even interest) to even try to find a common ground between them and their audience...

now, i'd like to say that i feel that there is some common ground present... a lot of us wouldn't be watching still if not... however, it seems that the common ground achieved was merely a happy accident...

long story short, i just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the producers didn't even seem psyched about the finale. they seem to be going into this with their tails between their legs.

you can find the interview linked on IMDB's main page.

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