if there's two realities, i'm assuming there's got to be more. perhaps there's a new universe branching off everytime the wheel is turned or the button wasn't pushed... maybe there's an infinite amount of realities and the island is the point where they all converge...

to elaborate on a theory that a few others and i have written about recently, this could explain why there's many different lockes... first off there's the paralyzed locke. then we have the locke who's up and walking around after the 815 crash-- could it be that in this second reality we are seeing, jack fixes locke and THAT locke switched places somehow with the still paralyzed one when the plane crashed. i know the timing would be off by a few years, but it's already established that island time moves at a different pace than outside time, so maybe time moves at a different pace for each reality.

we also have the problem of the smoke monster duplicating locke. when the smoke monster has appeared as yemi and christian, their bodies disappeared. maybe somehow a locke from a third universe (or maybe it's the locke from the original universe who never could walk) was pulled into the fold somehow to be used as the dead body...

philip k. dick wrote a novel called "now wait for last year" in which a u. n. secretary was pulled from different parallel worlds into one for different purposes. there's a sickly version of the secretary who exists in his own world, a healthy version pulled from another world to make media appearances, and a third version-- one that was frozen just seconds after being assassinated-- who is kept around just to fool people into thinking the secretary was dead if he himself ever escaped an assassination attempt... that seems strangely familiar to locke's over-all story line.

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