Alright, this might be completely irrelevent or coincidence, or something, but it's just something I noticed...

Okay, so it's like there's a cycle going on here. The "Mother" was the original protector of the island, but then she was killed---by the Man in Black. Then, Jacob became the protector and the Man in Black killed him also---by using someone else, but still. So isn't it inevitable that whosoever becomes the protector of the island will eventually die? Especially since there are candidates set up to replace the protector. It's an endless cycle.

Or I could just be looking into this too much.

The only thing we don't know is how the whole "special game" between Jacob and the Man in Black came into play. (The reason he had to find a loophole in the first place.) Or perhaps the reason for that is because the MiB knows already that he can't leave the island, because it was "meant to be that way", without killing the island's "source," which I'm pretty sure is Jacob after the incident with the creation of the smoke monster.

A little sketchy, but by reading between the lines ... maybe the story makes sense?

Sheep smarty 11:44, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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