Okay, so after seeing "Happily Ever After"---possibly the best episode of the entire season thus far---I had to deliberate on some of my questions. Some of them were actually answered about one-fourth of the way. Strictly theories.

Why is Desmond special? I think Des might be special because, unlike any other character, he can seem to kind of know that he's alive in two worlds. Like (it's very hard to explain), for instance, he's talking to Daniel about possibly changing time and the way they lived---and he visits Penny, then goes back to the island, and then back to Penny again. He doesn't actually seem to have real recollection of the event, and he isn't going all over the place in hysterics about why he keeps changing locations and mind sets, but he seems to be more aware than any other characters. The same thing went for him about the flash-forwards and flashbacks---he could kind of live in both, whereas for other characters, it was just another parallel world, like they could never touch it. Desmond can interact with both and feel both at the same time, and that's why I think he's special. As for why, I don't know---but maybe that's a part of the answer. You never know with this show....

What's different about Desmond's flash-sideways? Okay, so clearly, there were some major differences. He was working for Widmore and didn't know Penny, whereas in the past, he was trying to convince Widmore that he was a trustworthy man and he was head-over-heels for Penny. Big difference. There's also this thing about protecting Charlie, which is pretty creepy considering some of the deja vu circumstances we ran in to; like when he was under water in his car, and Desmond kind of had that flash of the "Not Penny's Boat" thing, ultimately leading him to ask about Penny. Whoa, we're right back to where we started ... I mean, after Des and Penny go out for a coffee.

This answered some of my major questions about Desmond---not necessarily the show's plot---but about Desmond, so I'm not complaining.

Alright, this isn't really a question now, but I have to say something about Daniel. Physicist or musician, of course he's still completely brilliant---I was really happy about that. And he explained the concept behind "love at first sight" in such a unsappy, scientifically-accepted way that I'm reminded of how much I love him. But I really, really hope that he isn't here now just for the flash-sideways ... or worse, only there for that one episode. Anyway, I was happy that Daniel got to play piano somewhere in his life---after that torture of watching Eloise close the piano in "The Variable"---it made me really happy. I hope we see more of Daniel. Please, he's important, you can't just kill him off. Which leads me to another question.

Where is Daniel? Is he dead? Most people would think so---apart from him obviously being alive in the flash-sideways. But I have other thoughts. He could be alive, because after the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, and time starting to jump from place, his body was forgotten (I really don't think anyone buried it. :[ ) And because time was jumping, it was possible for things to "re-adjust" themselves---you see, I don't think Daniel had to die. I think he's still out there, somewhere.

Alright, I thought of another one. Why is Daniel's last name Widmore? Before, it was always Daniel Faraday, though that was neither is mother's last name, nor his father's. Did he just take on the name Faraday in the original timeline because he was a scientist, or because he was keeping some form of an alias all along from the people on the island? This question could have a simple answer. Though, personally, Daniel Faraday has a much better ring to it than Daniel Widmore.

Well, I hope I remembered everything. And if I didn't, I'll blog later. Please, remember that these are STRICTLY THEORIES. Please, comment.

Sheep smarty 11:55, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

Sheep smarty 11:44, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

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