Alright, hey, everyone. These are strictly theories.

Okay, so Daniel has his little theory on how him and Desmond (and supposedly everyone else) were supposed to live a different life. That they did something in a DIFFERENT life, or world, or whatever, that made them able to start over ... or end up where they're not supposed to be. That part is debatable, however, only a genius like Daniel---physicist or not---could have thought of something like that.

Nobody else seems to think this.

I mean, Charlie talked about the love thing with Desmond, but he didn't really have an explanation for it.

Nobody else ... except Eloise. Okay, so no one else seems to know that two different worlds exist---Island time and FS time---except for Eloise. I mean, Desmond kind of feels there's a difference, and that's what makes him special, but she seems to know for sure what's going on. This could lead to her being very important character in the future for both the Flash-sideways, and the Island time. She seems to know what happened after Jughead was detonated, and et cetera, et cetera.

So, there are a few questions here, but one of the main ones is: Why didn't Eloise want Desmond to meet Penny? Because he wasn't "ready"? Great excuse, Grandma, but we need to know more. This could get interesting along the way, but I have good faith that the writers/producers will answer everything.

Oh well, I think I forgot to mention a few things, but whatever. Please, comment.

P.S.-> Daniel has an awesome hat.

Sheep smarty 11:47, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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