Hey, everyone.

Okay, so I'm sure this is obvious and I'm not the only one, but I have to blog about it. Has anyone else noticed that Daniel's life in the Flash-sideways is a little different than just the basic facts that he's a alive and he's a musician and not a physicist?

The differences are where Charles and Eloise are. Firstly, Eloise seems to care about Daniel a whole lot more than she did in the regular time line. An example of this is that she lets him play piano, and thus become a musician---instead of forcing him to devote his life to science. Of course, this could be because Eloise has never heard of the island and isn't affiliated with it, but that's impossible because the way she was talking to Desmond, she obviously knows more than anyone about the fact that the alternate time line exists. Anyway, she seems to be more caring of Daniel. I think this is because she knows she once let him die and she feels guilty about this, so now she's making up for that.

As for Charles, he just seems to care more about Daniel in general, whereas he didn't care about him at all in the regular time line---well, he did, but didn't seem to care at all up until he said his son died on the island and showed a trace of emotion. But other than that, no.

The reason for this involves Penny. Penny Milton, not Widmore. It seems to me that Dan and Penny have switched places, per se, between the FST and the Island time line. Instead of Penny Widmore being the rightful daughter, and Daniel just kind of being a half-son and only affiliated with Eloise, it is now flipped, where Daniel is the rightful son---remember, Eloise and Charles are still together---and Penny is a half-daughter who isn't as involved in the family as Dan is.

Sorry, a bit complicated with the way I worded it. But please comment if you understand.

Sheep smarty 13:50, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

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