• SheekOne

    Its gonna be a long summer of speculation, and after a boring weds night I wanted to get peoples thoughts about this interesting scene....

    In the final shot of The Incident Pt. 2 after Juliet "detonates" the bomb and the flash occurs there is a quick shot of a green eye and a gasp. I have heard a lot of people assuming this is Jacks eye and, if so, is eerily reminiscent of the Pilot scene in which Jack wakes up in the woods after the crash of flight 815. Now Im not sure chicken or the egg in LOST but could it possibly be that Jack/losties flash to the present and that scene is played out again except they were already on the Island and not on the plane. They may be able to play out everything that already happened and get a second chance…

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  • SheekOne

    Oceanic 6 & The Numbers

    April 24, 2009 by SheekOne

    First time poster, long time follower....

    This may be my mind running wild as it tends to do when thinking about LOST, but I figured I would throw it out there to see if it could stir the pot and get some ideas cookin.

    After reading up about the Numbers and their significance as being the core values of the Valenzetti Equation (Lost Experience) which is a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of humanity it seems that part of the Dharmas Mathematicians plans are to discover a way to harness the ability to manipulate the "constant"/core values in order to change the "fate" of humanity. Now Im almost 100% positive that that has already been assumed/theorized but the I wanted to set the table before indulging in the main course.


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