Names and Anagrams i.e. Miles Straume- Mutes Realism

I was just thinking of names and their possible anagrams... This is just for fun, I don't think that these are hidden secrets, just funny or interesting...

Charlie Pace- Peach Eclair ;)

Daniel Faraday- Anal Dead Fairy (I like Daniel but too funny not to include), A final dead ray,

Miles Straume- Mutes Realism

Boone Carlyle- A Rebel Colony

Richard Alpert- Retard Pal Rich (sorry Richard fans), Rare Part Child

Ethan Rom- Other Man

Kate Austen- Taste a Nuke

Hugo Reyes- Heroes Guy, Oh Seer Guy (Seeing the dead!), Shore Guy

You can get AJIRA out of Sayid Jarrah

Sun Kwon- Known Us Sun Hwa Kwon- Wow Sun Ankh (just trying to make something with ANKH!)

Jin Soo Kwon- O Join Kwons (get them back together!) or So Join Kwon.

Ji Yeon Kwon- Enjoy, I Know!, Woken in Joy

Desmond Hume- Hmm, Do Us Need?

Aaron Littleton- Lantern alit too

Elizabeth Smith (Libby)- Hate Blitzes Him, Ahh Blitzes Time, Blaze Me This Hit (Libby's secret drug addiction led her to the psych ward ;) -seriously... joking.

Peter Avellino (Sayid shot him on the golf course)- Alien plot veer

Charlotte Lewis- Celestial Worth

Benjamin Linus- Blame in Jin Sun, I blame Sun -n- Jin, Ninja Nimble Us

Pierre Chang- Recharge Pin, Can He regrip

OK enough wasting time...

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