• Shannon.n.martin

    Is it just me or did Sayid never specifically say that he was talking about Nadia in the on island timeline. He just said that what he loved had died in his arms... right?!? And didn't Shannon die in his arms after he professed his love to her? It would be a whole different story if the body of the one he wanted was buried on the island. Just a thought.

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  • Shannon.n.martin

    What if like the Pearl worker we are being duped and the psychological experiment is really on us. The writers picked a string of numbers that had no earlier significance to see what we as viewers would come up with to link them all together. Considering the hundreds of different theories people have come up with based on articles, theorems, the bible, literature, etc. I think it worked...

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  • Shannon.n.martin

    I was just thinking of names and their possible anagrams... This is just for fun, I don't think that these are hidden secrets, just funny or interesting...

    Charlie Pace- Peach Eclair ;)

    Daniel Faraday- Anal Dead Fairy (I like Daniel but too funny not to include), A final dead ray,

    Miles Straume- Mutes Realism

    Boone Carlyle- A Rebel Colony

    Richard Alpert- Retard Pal Rich (sorry Richard fans), Rare Part Child

    Ethan Rom- Other Man

    Kate Austen- Taste a Nuke

    Hugo Reyes- Heroes Guy, Oh Seer Guy (Seeing the dead!), Shore Guy

    You can get AJIRA out of Sayid Jarrah

    Sun Kwon- Known Us Sun Hwa Kwon- Wow Sun Ankh (just trying to make something with ANKH!)

    Jin Soo Kwon- O Join Kwons (get them back together!) or So Join Kwon.

    Ji Yeon Kwon- Enjoy, I Know!, Woken in J…

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  • Shannon.n.martin

    Jacob's Ladder

    February 24, 2010 by Shannon.n.martin

    I think it was very significant that MIB and Sawyer had to climb down "Jacob's Ladder" to get to the cave. In the bible Jacob's ladder was something Jacob envisioned as a means to flee Esau who many have suggested is really the man in black. Any thoughts anyone?

    Also remember the Jacob's Ladder toys?? I never really understood how those things worked.... baffling, just like LOST!

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  • Shannon.n.martin

    Someone has probably already done this but I got curious and decided to check out the book "Numbers" in the bible and see if any of the lost numbers came up with anything interesting.

    Numbers 4:8 gives you

    8 Over these they are to spread a scarlet cloth, cover that with hides of sea cows and put its poles in place.

    It is better however to read all more to gain context. But this passage is actually about Moses and AARON. I haven't quite gotten my mind around what else this could mean.

    This is the weird one...

    Numbers 15:16 is...

    "16 The same laws and regulations will apply both to you and to the alien living among you.' "

    Now I am not big on the actual "Alien" theory so I'm taking that word more to mean foreign than little green men ;) But as far …

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