I like Frank Lapidus and have been wondering just what his significance is. He came to the island on the freighter, left, and then was brought back to the island by flight 316. After landing on Hydra Island, Ilana and Bram have a discussion regarding the possibility of Lapius as a candidate, even though Ilana knows the surnames of the candidates. Does anyone else find this strange? Another interesting event is the conversation between Ben and Lapidus during "Dr. Linus". That scene really made me believe that we should attribute some significance to the fact that Lapidus was supposed to be the pilot of flight 815. Obviously, the Island brought him back for a reason. Now, he has not yet had his own centric episode even though he is now considered a main character. Why is this the case? Miles had his own episode and we saw him in Sawyer's FS. Which brings me to another point, Lapidus is one of the main living OT characters (Richard, Ilana, Jacob, MIB are others) whom we have not seen in the FS. Is this important as well? Any thoughts or theories you all have regarding my ramblings would be appreciated :)

--Shannon's inhaler 17:20, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

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