• Shadow2138

    We got the "whatever happened, happened," mantra from two characters. First it was Eloise Hawking. She tells Desmond when he's time traveling in his head that the universe self corrects, even if you try to change it.

    Later, we get the line from Daniel Faraday that the timeline can't be changed, this right before he talks to Desmond in the Swan and tells him that he can change the timeline.

    If everyone is basing their "whatever happened, happened" concept on these two people, then let's take a look at them and see if they seem so absolutely sure of the concept themselves.

    First of all, logic dictates that if there are any exceptions, there can be no absolutes. Even if Desmond is an exception to the rule, then there is no "whatever happened, ha…

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  • Shadow2138

    On "This Place is Death" when Christian Shephard enters the cave after Locke has fallen through the well, the back of his head looks different between the first shot and the next one when he turns around. It looks like the hair on the back of the head is patchy in the first shot, either a really bad haircut or someone who's hair is falling out in clumps.

    I'd really appreciate someone posting a screen grab of this shot or posting a link to one so I could hear some feedback on this, or at least pausing the shot on your television and posting an opinion, for those of you with that capability.

    Patchy hair is supposed to be a symptom of Adams-Oliver Syndrome, along with too many or too few fingers and/or toes. This may be a hint as to the origins…

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