After MiB gets stabbed and Jack, Kate, Hurley, Ben and Sawyer are all on the cliff, Jack declares that he's not coming with them on the Ajira plane. Then Hurley decides to tag along with Jack and Ben but Sawyer and Kate don't even try to step him from going. Remember how protective of Hurley Sawyer used to be? "If you touch one hair on his curly head, I'll kill you." All of a sudden, he doesn't care if Hurley sinks to the bottom of the ocean? And on top of that, NO ONE says goodbye to Hurley. Sawyer shakes hands with Jack. Kate kisses Jack. But neither of them even acknowledge Hurley whatsoever. Which made me kind of sad. I know it's stupid to get caught up on, but it just seemed really out of place to me that Sawyer wouldn't try to convince Hurley to come with them on the Ajira plane. Or at least hug him goodbye. Or at least SAY goodbye to him.

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