So, even though the release date on was October 16th, I received my Lost Encyclopedia yesterday. No complaints here. Anyway, I've skimmed it and already found some mistakes but I expected that. One thing that really baffled me though was something on Sun's Bio. Each of the main character bio's has a section called "[This Character]'s Island Connections" (obviously, each one is personalized to the character's name; eg, Sun's Island Connections). There are Sun's obvious Island connections such as Michael, Kate and Hurley (Claire too, even though I don't think they were particularly close, but whatever). But then there's Walt. Sun and Walt had, let's say, one scene together throughout the entire series, right? So apparently,

"While Sun had been unable to conceive a child prior to the island, she still had a strong maternal instinct that was evident in her relationship with Walt. She understood the little boy's awkward relationship with his father and took the time to teach him how to use what the island provided. They planted a garden of herbs and aloe for medicine together. She listened to his likes, wants and needs and was able to translate that to an often confused and frustrated Michael. When Walt left with his father on the raft, she was truly sad to see the little boy go."

I'm sorry, WHAT?!?!?! Walt and Sun planted the garden together?! Unless I'm sadly mistaken, that was definitely Kate. Anyway, I can understand if they want to add little bits of info in the Encyclopedia that weren't explicitly referenced or seen on the show, but this apparent relationship Sun had with Walt is absurd.

So, who else got the Encyclopedia and what do you think? Overall, I'm pretty pleased, even though there are some pages that look pretty sloppy, but the whole thing flows pretty nicely.

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