Okay. Of course I understood that not everyone was going to be satisfied by the ending. But the things I've seen people complaining about are absurd.

For example, people are complaining that they didn't answer the important questions like "what is the Island". But think about it. How the hell could they have explained "what the Island is" without having it sound forced, fake, and stupid? It makes so much more sense to leave that shrouded in mystery. Think about all the other times they've directly answered a question (eg, the Whispers) and how terrible it ended up being. (How exactly would they have answered the DHARMA food drops without making it sound...fake?) The show revolved around the mysteries of the Island. Do you really think it would have been satisfying or fitting for them to answer all the important questions of the show?

I've also seen a lot of people complaining about the general lack of answers, some important, some irrelevant. To me, it makes so much more sense that they left a lot of questions unanswered. It would have made absolutely NO sense if they had spent the 2.5 hours of the series finale answering 100 questions. That would have been the WORST possible ending...except, I guess, if it had been revealed that the entire thing was a dream or purgatory.

Which brings me to another point. A lot of people are saying they feel the finale was a cop out because none of it actually happened and they all died in the original plane crash. Uhh...did you actually watch the finale? The FST was all purgatory (or some "in between" world), yes, but EVERYTHING else that happened on the show actually happened. I don't know how they could have made it any clearer, yet it seems the majority of viewers missed it. Oh well.

The point they were trying to make by not answering questions is that we will never know all the answers in life, so why should they answer all the questions in Lost?

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