• SethFlight815

    2011 Calendar

    November 11, 2010 by SethFlight815

    So every year for the past few years one of my Christmas gifts has been the 2011 calendar. This year, though, I've been unable to find the official calendar (with all the season six characters' promotional pictures) on the internet. Does anyone know if they're even planning on releasing it? I keep coming across this fan-made one but I don't want that one...

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  • SethFlight815

    So, even though the release date on was October 16th, I received my Lost Encyclopedia yesterday. No complaints here. Anyway, I've skimmed it and already found some mistakes but I expected that. One thing that really baffled me though was something on Sun's Bio. Each of the main character bio's has a section called "[This Character]'s Island Connections" (obviously, each one is personalized to the character's name; eg, Sun's Island Connections). There are Sun's obvious Island connections such as Michael, Kate and Hurley (Claire too, even though I don't think they were particularly close, but whatever). But then there's Walt. Sun and Walt had, let's say, one scene together throughout the entire series, right? So apparently,

    "While …

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  • SethFlight815

    In a lot of episodes in seasons 1, 2 and 3 there were some pretty terrible, dumb and pointless side storylines. I'm not talking about flashbacks. I mean side storylines like:

    Deus Ex Machina- Sawyer gets a headache
    One of Them- Sawyer and Hurley look for a tree frog
    S.O.S.- Jack and Kate go out to the line
    Enter 77- Sawyer and Hurley's ping pong tournament
    Left Behind- Hurley "cons" Sawyer into being nice to fellow survivors

    Interestingly, many of them involve Hurley and Sawyer.

    My personal least favorite is Sawyer and Hurley searching for the tree frog in "One of Them". What do you all think?

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  • SethFlight815

    So, I know it's kind of weird for guys to care about the musical themes of TV shows/movies but I don't think I've ever heard a musical score as beautiful as the one on Lost. So what are your favorite pieces?

    I have two favorites:

    -There's No Place Like Home
    -Parting Words/The Gathering

    I really wish they used Parting Words more often throughout the show...they only used it a few times.

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  • SethFlight815

    After MiB gets stabbed and Jack, Kate, Hurley, Ben and Sawyer are all on the cliff, Jack declares that he's not coming with them on the Ajira plane. Then Hurley decides to tag along with Jack and Ben but Sawyer and Kate don't even try to step him from going. Remember how protective of Hurley Sawyer used to be? "If you touch one hair on his curly head, I'll kill you." All of a sudden, he doesn't care if Hurley sinks to the bottom of the ocean? And on top of that, NO ONE says goodbye to Hurley. Sawyer shakes hands with Jack. Kate kisses Jack. But neither of them even acknowledge Hurley whatsoever. Which made me kind of sad. I know it's stupid to get caught up on, but it just seemed really out of place to me that Sawyer wouldn't try to convinc…

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