Maybe I'm missing something. Help me out.

In Season 2, we were under the impression that the system failure caused the plane to crash (the electromagnetism and whatnot) Now Eloise Hawking tells us that the Island is always moving, and as such every now and then, there's a certain "window" to the Island, meaning 815 and 316 both had separate windows, but still brought them to the island.

So, am I missing something? Or does that just seem contradictory. Not to mention that this whole "window" scenario is screwy. So it took a convenient three years for the Oceanic 6 to go back; three years difference in windows. Unless that's a fluke occurrence, doesn't it seem a little odd that, let's say over a decade or two, that there should be numerous windows, and therefore numerous crashes and survivors on the island?

Like I said. Maybe I'm missing something.

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