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    During the time flashes, is there any particular time and/or event you were expecting or wanted to see?

    I really wanted the survivors to witness the fate of the real Henry Gale (who knows, maybe even partook in it). And something with the Black Rock early on (the slaves, their owners, the immediate aftermath. I was really expecting Richard in that). And definitely witnessing something really early with the Others. I was kind of disappointed with 1954 (although Widmore and Locke telling Richard to visit him were awesome). I mainly wanted to see... almost tribal stuff. Mainly their early origins, despite how confusing it might've been at the time.

    I really wanted to see the statue, and I just about fell off …

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    Maybe I'm missing something. Help me out.

    In Season 2, we were under the impression that the system failure caused the plane to crash (the electromagnetism and whatnot) Now Eloise Hawking tells us that the Island is always moving, and as such every now and then, there's a certain "window" to the Island, meaning 815 and 316 both had separate windows, but still brought them to the island.

    So, am I missing something? Or does that just seem contradictory. Not to mention that this whole "window" scenario is screwy. So it took a convenient three years for the Oceanic 6 to go back; three years difference in windows. Unless that's a fluke occurrence, doesn't it seem a little odd that, let's say over a decade or two, that there should be numerous…

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    I'm sure that just about everyone at this point has theorized that Jacob's nemesis has traveled off-island in the same manner as Jacob, but I'm just here to emphasize and analyze. And in case you haven't thought of this, it'll get you thinking.

    "The Beginning of the End" in Season 4: Jacob's enemy appeared as Charlie trying to get Hurley to come back (probably so he can take on Locke's form, with him assuming Locke will die). This is probably different than his other visions because the other crazy guy can actually see "Charlie" as opposed to something like Hurley playing chess with Mr. Eko while Sayid sees nothing. "Something Nice Back Home" in Season 4: Jacob's enemy appearing as Christian. Obviously. Most likely to get Jack back, k…

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