• Serblack

    A really really crazy idea.

    September 30, 2010 by Serblack

    Hi there! I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online lately, and it's such a great game! You should try it sometime. Anyway, here I come: Imagine a MMORPG like LOTRO, but about LOST!!! It would be just awsome, like being able to join a side (Survivor, Other, DHARMA, Army), walking around the Island, facing ghosts and beasts, traveling through time, and in and out of the Isalnd, and even fighting Smokey! I would DIE for it!

    Would you guys play it? Which side would you join? What else would you put on the game?

    See ya!

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  • Serblack

    Either way, how the heck do you explain she was able to burn down an entire village and kill all its inhabitants, included strong, armed men, all by herself???? Or maybe she knew how to summon the Smoke Monster??? This whole thing is making me sick!


    Btw, Mother also knew about the "worse than death" destiny anyone who entered The Sourse would have.

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  • Serblack

    I've benn thinking about it for a while: Who's MIB? There are so many clues around the place and so much speculation about it, but I came to realize something: The true name of MIB will expose some of the biggest misteries of the show. I think this truth will make our heads spin, and a big Ahhhh! will be heard.

    Who do you think MIB is?

    My money goes to: Aaron!

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  • Serblack

    Iron Man.

    April 2, 2010 by Serblack

    Do you remember this song by Black Sabbath?

    Well, there's this guy who travels time and sees the awful Apocalypse in the future. He comes back to warn Humanity, but in the process he was "turned to steel in the great magnetic field". Once in the Present, he tries to tell people about the Doom he saw, but he's not believed. He grows angry, and leads the world to the very Apocalypse he saw, in vengeance, (pretty much like what happened to the Survivors, who tried to stop the Incident from happening, but instead created it).

    Now, change "steel" for "black smoke"... Funny, huh?

    Any comment will be deeply appreciated.

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  • Serblack

    Black butterfly???

    March 29, 2010 by Serblack

    Hi, guys!

    Well. I'm not sure if this has been pointed out elsewhere, but anyway: In "Ab Aeterno", there's this short take of the Black Rock from over the jungle. Right in that moment you can see a black butterfly flying around. Then, the butterfly flies inside the ship and almost over Ricardo's head.

    This may be absoultely pointless, but it's funny and intriguing. Is it just another insect, or something "darker"?

    Any thoughts here, please?

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