• SeaneyBoots

    [Ignore this post - It was classed as a spoiler] Not sure how to delete it =(

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  • SeaneyBoots

    I know this has probably been blogged and theorized about everywhere, but...

    What actually caused the FST? It couldn't have been the jughead explosion, because there's stuff in the FST that's different from the OT from before 1977.

    Like Roger Linus and Pierre Chang, etc.

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  • SeaneyBoots

    FST Wast of time...

    April 26, 2010 by SeaneyBoots

    Doesn't anyone else think it's kind of a waste of time for Desmond to get all the original survivors back together in the FST.

    Because, even if they did manage to find The Island, gather everyone and all get on the same flight together (that goes over a similar pocket of energy to Oceanic 815 and Aljira 316), the Island is underwater.

    Makes me wonder what they're gonna do with the conclusion of the FST.

    Any thoughts?

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