I found this edit on The Package/Theories page, and I thought it warranted a discussion:

Desmond may need to revisit his past and not fail to push the button so that 815 does not crash in the OT allowing the OT to begin to converge with the FST.

Posted by user:BrianIsLost

Just exactly what would and would not have happened if Desmond had pressed the button?

  • No 815 Crash
  • No finding the hatch; no hatch explosion
  • No anomalies so that Widmore still can't find the island
  • No Kahana, no Faraday, Miles, Charlotte on the island.
  • No Locke, therefore no first wheel turn, and therefore no second wheel turn
  • No time travelling
  • Jughead not buried (OK it was leaking, but not dangerous; effectively they stuck it underground to avoid contamination)
  • Ethan's parents both get killed; no Ethan
  • Ben does not get shot & dunked in the temple pool
  • No evacuation, no Jughead explosion
  • 1980 Incident occurs as in Orientation videos
  • Button-pressing regime established
  • Danielle arrives; French team killed; Alex captured
  • Desmond arrives, takes over pressing button.
  • Others all still alive, Ben in Charge; Juliet gets recruited by someone other than Ethan.
  • Others still carry on living in Dharmaville, visiting mainland, getting supplies trying to find solution to problem
  • Ben gets tumour; dies.
  • New Leader (possibly Goodwin?) gets appointed...

The whole thing appears to work without Desmond failing to press the button. What am I missing?

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