For another purpose, I have been examining the Consistency of Miles in Recon with the existing OT storyline (i.e. this is nothing to do with the FS, or the bomb or anything else):

  • After 1977 in the OT, Chang stayed with Dharma on the island, possibly to shoot some more videos, but apparently was never reunited with his wife & Miles. However, if this is the case, it represents a real discrepancy in the OT storyline. Miles' mother said:

MILES: I need you to tell me why I'm this way... how... how I do the things I do. And I need to know why you won't talk to me about my father.

LARA: Because he never cared about us... never cared about you.


MILES: I have a right to know!

LARA: He's dead. Your father... kicked us out when you were just a baby. He didn't want anything to do with us. So the less you knew about him, the better.

MILES: Why didn't you just tell me?

LARA: Because it was over. Your dad has been dead a long time.

MILES: Where's his body?

LARA: Somewhere you can never go.

Some Like It Hoth

  • This does not really accord with the picture of the evacuation we saw in The Incident, Part 2; it was clear that Chang organised that, in order to protect all women & children. It is extremely unlikely that Lara Chang would have interpreted this as being "kicked out", especially if others (such as Ethan and Charlotte) were evacuated at the same time. It must be the case that Ethan returned to the island, as he plays an important part in the hsitory of the OT. We therefore have to speculate as to possible events.
    • Scenario 1: Lara was not contacted again by Chang, and she interpreted this as being "kicked out" (Possibly Chang died in or shortly after the incident in the OT, and the videos were simply re-edits of what had been completed. However, why Lara Chang would have referred to being "kicked out" ais still anomalous. This implies that no-one from Dharma ever contacted her, and somehow she found out about his death at a later date.
    • Scenario 2: Lara did return with Miles, but something happened, and as a result of this, the "kicking out" occurred. It is clear that Miles has some gift connected to the island (understanding the last thoughts of dead people), and there is nothing in the S5 eps which seems to account for this. To further support this "return" hypothesis, it is clear that Ethan, who was similarly evacuated, must have been invited back, as he plays an important part of the history of the OT. Finally, it seems unlikley that ALL of the videos could have been completed prior to July 1977, especially as the Arrow orientation film was interrupted, and there was no time to return to this before the Jughead incident. If this is correct, Chang would have continued working "normally", and there would have been no reason for Lara not to have been invited back

Conclusion: Scenario 2 seems rather more likely, even though it involves the hypothesis of Lara & Miles' return to the island, which is unsubstantiated. However, it is clear that Ethan returned, and so the hypothesis does have some tangential support. If this is correct, this would constitute an important part of Miles' history: he was somehow affected by the island, and this caused a rift between Lara and Chang. He then actually "kicked them out" and had them removed from the island as a result. The event which provided Miles with the gift of 'hearing the dead' therefore directly precedes, and indirectly causes his and his mothers' explulsion from the island. To have this effect, the event must have been of some significance, and is missing from the Lost history.

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