I have a growing suspicion that the writers have stuffed the audience good and proper here.

  • In Recon, Sawyer calls himself 'LaFleur', and is a lawman with Miles as a sidekick. In the FST it is 2004; however, these events did not happen in the OT storyline until the time-travelling (i.e. they happened in storyline terms after the 2004 crash, around 6 months later, and for the next 3 years); however Miles never met Sawyer until the island, and the 'sidekick' only happened because they went time travelling.
  • In Dr.Linus Ben's adopted daughter Alex, who came to the island with her mother in the OT, are, for some reason in the same place as Ben in the FST, even though in the OT Danielle is French, and would need a very good reason to up sticks from France where she was a scientist, to go to the US where she is so poor she has to have two part time Jobs. In addition, Arzt seems to have moved across the continent from OT to FST.
  • In Sundown FS Sayid meets FS Keamy and FS Jin. FS Nadia has two children and is not with FS Sayid, but his brother. Why are Nadia & Sayid's brother living in LA?
  • In Lighthouse, Jack meets Dogen in LA in the FST. He did not meet Dogen until 2007 in the OT. Dogen in the OT tells him the back story, that he was from Osaka, with a well-paid job. What is Dogen doing in LA?
  • In The Substitute, FS Locke goes on a Walkabout. Why? The reason he went on a walkabout in the OT was because Abbadon persuaded him.
  • In What Kate Does, FS Ethan is a doctor who 'just happens' to see to Claire's baby.

We have been brought up on "whatever happened, happened" and "course correction"; however these are NOT course corrections. They are bizarre, nondescript and unimportant synchronicities, which intrinsically are without meaning. If the Universe were really 'course correcting', then in the FS Dogen's son would be dead; Jack would not have a son, and Nadia would not have two children. There is something decidely 'not quite right' here. The FS has all the feeling to me like a re-run through a computer game, where certain events are lined up, where there are only a certain number of characters, who have to be recycled. It is as if the same events are 'randomly' happening, and have no meaning other than as wallpaper.

In other words, I am coming to the conclusion that either the FS Or the OT is not real, and someone has rearranged the bits of one reality to try to create an alternative version of events, where things do not make much sense. Both of these versions of reality can be viewed as flawed. However, in the OT, Hurley's numbers, his luck, and the coincidences and connections in people's lives were far too improbable. I know this has been proposed before, but I am wondering whether or not all this "you do not die when you die" stuff is a reference to the fact that all the characters died in the crash. Their memories have been scanned, and someone is trying to reconstruct their momories and their consciousnesses, and in the process has tried to make the best sense that they can out of the mangled up memories from the losties. I know this sounds really weird, but then again so is lost. How this is scrambled up with the story of Jacob/MiB and the others I have no idea.

Something is going on, and it's not probably split timelines.

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