Ok, there has been a lot of discussion about how the FST is not working, how it has lots of anomalies that we are not sure whether are production errors or deliberate discrepancies. Let's put that to one side and look at the facts. The time in the FST has not progressed beyond around a week after the crash, and whatever is up with the timeline, there is clearly an event in the offing which is about to happen, but has not happened yet. That is the reason why the timelines are collapsed together. Everything needs to be in place for that event. Currently there are timeline bleedthroughs from the OT into the FST, and now many FS characters are are recognising stuff from one, two months (even up to three years) in the future of the OT.


The reason that the FST has not progressed beyond a week or so after the September 22nd flight, is that in the OT, Aaron was born on 1st November 2004. Once that happens, the nature of the FST will change dramatically.


No events that we have seen so far have progressed the timeline up to that date. We know that Aaron is an important character, and has remained so (even though he has not been seen for a long time). The entire reason that Claire is on the plane in the first place is so that Aaron can be in the right place (whatever that is). As far as we know, Aaron is not currently on the island, but the fact that he was the first baby to be born on the island for about 25 years has got to make him special in some way.

Some Questions, and some speculation:

  • Since memories are feeding through from OT into FST, what would happen for a baby born in the FST, who has already been born in the OT? Would he already have his memories of the OT, ie Kate? Would he recognise Kate as his mother, rather than Claire, and would he be able to speak? As he begins to grow, would he be able to connect directly with Aaron in the OT?
  • So far, Sayid, Claire, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Locke (seemingly) have not had direct 'bleedthroughs'. I would speculate that when they do they will be part of the same event. Claire in labour will have memories of giving birth on the OT island, when OT Kate was there. When Jack sees the baby, he will recognise Aaaron as the sone he raised. (How Kate gets involved, I have no idea, but undoubtedly, she must be there).
  • Additionally, we have not seen Juliet (who, by the way, I am totally convinced must be Jack's ex-wife and David's mother). The only reason that we have not seen FS Juliet is that in the OT Juliet is dead, and as a result she, like Libby may be experiencing some sort of bleedthrough. Juliet had some sort of experience on dying in the OT, saying to Sawyer "we should go for coffee sometime". Clearly we MUST be going to hear her say that in the FS, and probably to Sawyer.

OK, so here's what I think might happen:

  • Kate manages to escape from custody, and in fleeing, yet again bumps into Claire.
  • Claire immediately starts labor, and Kate has to phone for the paramedics.
  • Kate & Claire arrive at the hospital and are met by Juliet.
  • Sawyer finds out where Kate has gone, and he and Miles head for the hospital, meeting Juliet outside the room; they flirt, and Juliet says the immortal coffee words.
  • Just then Jack arrives with David, having finished the Locke operation, and having heard that his sister was in labor.
  • Big reveal moment: Juliet is David's mom. Jack, Juliet and Sawyer stand around looking puzzled as if there is something they ought to remember.
  • before we have time to take it in, Claire gives birth.
  • Claire remembers the OT, and so does Kate, who then completely freaks out when she sees Aaron
  • Aaron says 'hello mummy" to Kate
  • All hell breaks loose.

Any other offers?

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