I cannot square some of the Jacob/MiB stuff that has been happening.

MiB hits Richard in the throat to shut him up, because Richard recognises who he is.

However Richard has seen him as Locke for days, and it's only now he recognises him?
...and why exactly does he need to shut him up?

MiB is "disappointed" in everyone -

but as far as we know, he has no right to be disappointed; as far as we know, he has never seen them all...

Richard tries to commit suicide because he thinks that Jacob has betrayed him.

Why on earth would he think that? Jacob was killed.
Richard's natural inclination would be to seek vengeance, not to feel betrayed.

MiB gets Locke'd in a body . (d'ya see what I did there?)

This appeared to happen when Jacob left his.
But: MiB was in Locke's body well before this.

Jacob gets killed but can still appear as a ghost.

Therefore, why are people so concerned about him being dead?

Jacob's body burns to ash.

weird stuff. This means that his body can't have been a 'proper' body.

Ash gets put around things to stop MiB entering

so is body ash a MiB deterrent?

MiB can turn into a smoke monster even when he's Locke'd in.

OK I'm now officially LOST

Jacob's last thoughts of Ben were that he wished he (Jacob)were wrong about Ben.

Does that mean he chose Ben to Kill him, knew he would, but was disappointed in him nonetheless
Or does it mean he expected Ben not to kill him, thought he might, and was really cheesed off when he did.

MiB can't kill Jacob himself.


MiB could not eat food until he became Locke

This is a supposition, based on MiB/Jacob "would you like some fish?", and the fact that when MiB becomes Locke he eats a mango, and obviously relishes it. He's like a man that has not eaten in a very long time.

I have 101 theories about Jacob/MiB, and some of these theories explain some of the things some of the of the time; all of the theories do not explain a lot of the things a lot of the time.

Has anyone got a theory which explains ALL of the things ALL of the time?

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