In quite a few blogs, I am already sensing a 'nostalgia' about Lost. People are coming to the realisation, that in 3 months time, there will be no more surprises, no more reveals, no more waiting for the next episode, no more cliffhanger end of season finales, with an agonising wait to find out what happens next. Lost will be set in stone, and it will be there, forever. Over the past 6 years Lost has been a vibrant, organic entity; it has grown and the audience has grown with it. In 3 months time it will have finally reached maturity. Watching Lost will be over.

All the anticipation will be gone, but I think we will still be re-watching Lost for a very long time. Some of us will want to keep friends with those who have been our guides, our proxies on that crazy island; we will want to remember and re-experience their tears, their laughter and their one-liners. To that end, it won't matter particularly what episodes we rewatch, nor in what order, (especially in Season 5, when we have no idea what the order was supposed to be anyway). All episodes have things to commend them (even Expose, yes!). However, I think that the main reason for rewatching Lost will be to discover all the nuances we missed because we did not know what the hell was going on. It will be like the five times we had to rewatch the Season 3 finale, and we will end up asking ourselves, like Hurley, how we never saw it all coming. The actors and producers will have thrown clues at us all over the place, but we just couldn't see them. It will all be fascinating, and it will intrigue and amuse us, and there will always be something new to find; but it won't ever be the same.

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