In every interpretation of the compass events I have seen, everyone has assumed that this is a timeloop. That is because when the Compass events were doing the rounds in Season 5, no one (apart from the mad 'multiverse' science people) was talking about alternate universes. However, now that we know that there are two universe in existence, can we re-interpret this paradox, so that it is not a paradox at all?

The following theory is based on the premise that the split in timelines was the method used by the Lostverse to prevent a paradox from occurring. There will clearly be howls of protest at such a crazy suggestion; however, please read on before you condemn it out of hand.

Taking the compass events in sequence:

  • In 2007
    • MiB Locke asks Alpert if he has the compass that Locke gave to him
    • MiB Locke than takes Alpert to a location where Time-Travelling Locke appears.
    • Richard Alpert gives time-travelling Locke a compass
  • In 1954
    • Time-travelling Locke shifts to 1954, and gives compass to Alpert

This is not a paradox, if we use timelines OT & FST, and allow for the possibility that MiB has been creating a loophole.

Firstly, hang onto your hats, Kansas is going bye byes...

  • Revelation # 1: This is obvious if you think about it, OT & FS have been there all along.
  • Revelation # 2: MiB has been masquerading as Locke in the time-travelling.
  • Revelation # 3: MiB Locke has not only been time travelling, he has been hopping in and out of timelines.

New Reading of events:

  • in 1954,
    • Alpert had no compass in either OT or FS timeline
    • in OT timeline, MiB Locke appears, claims that he is from the future, giving Alpert a compass. This is just any old compass he found.
  • In 2007,
    • in OT timeline, MiB asks Alpert whether he still has the compass (note: "... that I gave you")
    • Alpert meets Locke from OT timeline(2004) and gives the compass to him, thinking it is the same Locke as before; however it is not; this is original Locke.
    • Locke from OT timeline, now travels to 1954
  • In 1954,
    • Locke travels to the Flash-sideways timeline, 1954.
    • OT Locke now gives the compass to FS Alpert.

Note that both OT Locke & OT Alpert have been fooled into thinking they gave the compass back & forth. In fact the compass probably had humble origins, nothing to do with Locke or Alpert. At the end of the process, it ends up in the hands of FS Alpert.

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