In Sundown, Sayid says: "For the last twelve years I've been trying to wash my hands of all the horrible things I've done." However, the Gulf War was (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991); the current time in the FST is October 2004 according to Clair's sonogram (Sept. if you believe it's a blooper). This would make it 13+ years, not 12. In the FST the Gulf war would have needed to end in 1992, one year later.

There is a discrepancy with Sawyers' ages: 8 in the OT The Incident, Part 2 and 9 in the FST Recon, but the year of his parents' death is given as 1976 (both Recon and The Incident, Part 2. This would put his birthdate at 1967 (FST) not 1968 as in the OT.

These two could be production errors (a distinct possibility: they do not even point in the same direction). However, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks something else is going on.

Time out of Joint is a 1959 novel by Philip.K.Dick, which describes the life of Ragle Gumm who believes that he lives in the year 1959 in a quiet American suburb. He is wrong. His world is a complete fiction, used to cover his eyes from the truth that it is not 1959, but the earth is at war with moon colonists. Clearly this scenario has been used many times since, by The Truman Show, Thirteenth Floor, Matrix etc. While such a thing would not suitable as a "big reveal" for the entire show, it might be that there is a "small reveal" about the FS along these lines.

I am beginning to wonder whether the FS has "time out of joint" (i.e. a literal discrepancy in dates) and that this has been used by D & C as a means to signify to the obsessive type of fan (like me) that the FS is indeed some sort of fiction. We all know there is something wrong with the FS. It has minor, almost irrelevant events in common with the OT (such as Locke going walkabout, Sawyer usng the code 'Lafleur', Ethan treating Claire in the hospital, Hurley owning the company where Locke worked, Charlotte is an anthropologist in the OT, but an archaeologist in the FS), yet has some major differences : Jack has a son in the FS, but not in the OT, Nadia is married to Omer and has 2 children, Sawyer is a cop in FS, conman in OT. I could catalogue such things at length. I know people are going to shout "course correction" at me, and/or dramatic license, but I put this to you: in previous seasons, no matter how bizarre the occurrences, Lost (off island) has always been rooted in a rational, believeable, scientific-based reality. I contend that it is simply not possible to explain the coincidences/differences in & between FST and the OT as those which would occur in two independent rational, scientific-based parallel realities. If contention is correct, as least one of them is NOT rationally (or scientifically) based.

Ha anyone else noticed any other 'date' related discrepancies in the FS?

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