I started to think through the 'logic' of the storylines in both the OT & FST. Just think about:

  1. what happened 'prior' to the Oceanic 815 in the FST?
  2. what happened after Ajira 316 in the OT?

On neither of these have we been given any flashforwards/flashbacks, and as far as the storyline is concerned, references to them are sketchy or nonexistent, and they are made to seem, to sonme extent, unimportant. However, they are of great importance. In the pre 2004 FST, what were the reasons the losties were separately in Australia, which caused them to be all "coincidentally" on the equivalent flight to the crashed O815? For example, did Locke have the same experience? Did Sawyer still kill the same man? Did Sawyer still meet Christian in the bar? Was Anna Lucia there with Christian? What was Hurley doing? He definitely wasn't doing what he did before. The fact that they ALL ended up on the same flight is clearly of great significance to the storyline, but we have no idea how this happened or why. I know it made a great S6 'shock opening', but it has to be more than that.

As far as the post A316 OT storyline goes, no-one seems to have considered what the effect would be of the SAME O6 crashing in the same circumstances in the same location. Hurley's mum and dad knew the O6 were lying, and surely it would not have been long before some enterprising investigative journalist pieced together their movements, realised that two mothers had left their children, the O6 had gone to the Dharma Lamp station, put together some conspiracy theory with Dharma, Hanso etc., found Desmond and tied it all back to Widmore, and found people who were involved in the fake 815 crash wreckage. What I'm getting at is there is a bloody good story to tell there, but we have seen none of it. Why? This is especially so now that Widmore has reappeared in his sub.

The overall storyline covers: OT (say) 1860s to 2007, and FST 2004. Despite the fact we have flashbacks/flashforwards/flashsideways, nothing outside this seems important to the story being told. Does anyone else find that somewhat peculiar? Any explanations?

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