Earlier today I put my computer at risk to watch Across the Sea, and I am still seething about it. Actually, "seething" does not even come close to what I am feeling. Incandescent with rage would come nearer the mark. Unless, and it is a very big unless at this stage of the game, because I have seen no evidence whatsoever to back this up for the last 5 eps or so, unless C & D are pulling off the biggest con in all time on the viewers (see below), then the way the show is heading is completely down the toilet, and I have to say, that is the best place for it.

What we witnessed today was the writers simply sticking two fingers up to a loyal set of fans who have watched the show for six years, in the expectation that at least some of our questions would be answers in a meaningful way. Let me give you one example: Adam & Eve. What did we know? We knew that they were male and female and had been there about 40-50 years. They had a pouch with black & white stones. What did we find out? They were some random woman and one of the two children she had appropriated, and they had been there for at least 500 years (this in direct contradiction of the only decent clue to their origin that we had), and the black & white stones were either an afterthought, or a red herring. In other words, this was not a mystery with an answer, it was a random event with a contrived explanation which had been badly rationalised to fit most of the data. I heard D & C say that when the reveal to this took place, viewers would go "Wow, and they knew about that even then". What the reveal tells me is that the reveal was stuck in to try to connect all the extraneous Jacob/MiB nonsense with the rest of the show. I'm not going "Wow", I'm going "O for god's sake, did they really do that?"

I think what annoyed me most of all about this episode, was that the only character who appeared to have any knowledge at all about the island (and I have to say she appeared to have a pretty damn poor grasp of anything), managed to spout a phrase which was not only meaningless gibberish: "Don't ask questions because they only lead to more questions"; but will go down in TV history as the biggest let-down of all time. Talk about snowglobes, talk about dreams, talk about midiclorians. At least they attempted to give explanations; they might have been crap, but at least the writers did not shirk their responsibilities.

"Questions only lead to more questions"... well of course they fucking well do, that is the whole point you morons. You ask questions, get answers, then ask some more questions. It's called trying to understand the world we live in. We are human beings. It's what we do. If no one asked any questions, we would not find out anything. Animals do not ask questions; as a result they do not have art, poetry, philosophy, science, religion or TV shows to rant about. If I read another word from some sychophantic blogger about how this has given the show true meaning, I will reach through my monitor and throttle them. For god's sake, see this for what it is: lazy, sloppy, deceitful and a complete insult to our intelligence.

Speaking of which, really, are we supposed to believe that some guy without any scientific training, together with a bunch of unnamed dudes from the post Roman era, whose best stab at understanding the world was that there were 4 elements of earth air fire & water (and that is if they were educated), could, using hands and a few metal tools, find all the pockets of EM (or whatever) energy, understand it sufficiently to work out that if they installed a donkey wheel, they could do... well, what exactly could they do? That was never clear. Anyway, they worked it out and someone (another plot hole) installed the donkey wheel. Dharma, with all its Western Science, its understanding of energy fields, and sophisticated methods, in all the time they were on the island, (1970-1989), with scores of scientists, could not even apparently come close to what these people did hundreds of years earlier. Total and unmitigated codswallop.

It is now not just the case, that the writers are answering mysteries with more mysteries; it now appears that this is the only thing they know. They have painted themselves into corners, and they think they can paint themselves out of the corner by painting doorways to other rooms and think they can escape into them. They are mistaken; they are not French Trompe L'Oeil painters of the 18C; they are house painters who have overreached themselves, and their work is shoddy, slapdash and the doorways are unrealistic and phoney.

I am angry not at D & C; I am angry at myself for getting taken in by such overblown horse manure. I am angry because the promise of a good science fiction series has been let down by second-rate quasi religious mumbo jumbo, and I am angry because one day someone might actually want to make a really good show, a show which Lost could have been, and no one will believe the writers who come up with it. D & C have ruined the genre, and for that I will never forgive them.

There is just one single get out clause in all this, and I am hoping, beyond hope that this is the game D & C are pulling. If they are, I will lay down my hat, my cloak and everything I own, because, they would have pulled off the biggest con of all time.

The Only Get Out Clause in Town

Nothing is what it seems. Everyone is LOST; Jack and the O815 survivors are Lost; Desmond is Lost, Ben, Richard and the Others were Lost. Jacob & MiB are Lost. No one knows wtf is going on, everyone and everything has been duped. What we have seen on the island is simply personalised memory reconstructions of Losties & Islanders trying to make sense of a catalogue of seemingly nonsensical events. Their memories have been twisted. For example; Tawaret never existed. The Black Rock was never on the Island; it was a manifestation of Richard's memory. There was never any dynamite. Jacob & MiB are actually the same person. Jacob's story was a rationalisation his mind has created to explain why he is on the island. He has been here for so long, he has gone insane and invented a brother. The events we have seen on the island are not reality as we know it. The island "sees" what is in someone's mind and can reconstruct it. Tawaret existed because it was a memory of someone who once came to the island.

There are parallels here. Forbidden planet has alien technology which plucks monsters out of the id; the island 'source' has a similar function. It is a sentient being (that is not to say it has true intelligence and is acting purposively), and arises through 'strong emergence', or is a Boltzmann Brain. Whatever it is, it is able to resonate with the human mind and create apparatitions - not ghosts, but quasireal objects, which havethe appearance of reality, but without their true nature. That is why the ship could be in the middle of the island; that is why Tawaret broke so easily. Richard imagined that was how he got on the island, and so the island made it real.

If the above (or something akin to it) is not the final reveal, I shall be dreadfully disappointed. However, what I would say is this. If this is the twist, then for a few seconds of an awesome denouement we will have paid the price of a whole season's worth of pretty poor stuff leading up to it. The FST will be meaningless, and we will have invested time and effort in getting to know the characters there, their lives and their 'reality'; the reveals that were not reveals can be thrown away, effectively condemning whole eps like Ab Aeterno and Across the Sea to the waste bin; in addition, nothing we have seen for 6 Seasons will be real, and we cannot trust anything we have seen on screen. That is one hell of a reveal, but also wonder, for many fans, would that be a price they were willing to pay? Have we now just gone one mystery too far?

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